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About Us

About us
Human Line Foundation is a local, non-profit, non-governmental, women lead organization registered in 2021 with D-NGOs in Iraq , with the aim to enhance the sustainable development goals(SDGs) and empower the women in society, and activate the women's role in regular life and civil right, while working to claim the women's rights all across Iraq.
Human Line Foundation


1.       Developing the skills of volunteer teams and youth to structuring and incubating space for them to ensure the development of skills and strengthening capabilities that ensure the sustainability of their activities and direct them to serve community building and development, and to prevent them from engaging in harmful acts such as violent extremism.

2.       Eliminate poverty in all its forms, especially the youth and women’s poverty.

3.       Embracing creative artists, youth, and women in the field of human development

4.       Empowering women socially and economically and activating their role in public life to exercise their civil rights.

5.       Protecting and rehabilitating women after wars from psychological trauma and gender-based violence(GBV).

6.       Developing the capabilities of the unemployed youth and women, and providing them with the expertise that enables them to manage and micro, small, medium, large projects.

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